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You Came to the Right Place.

Scared to click send because you're afraid your copy might (*gulp*) suck? 


Get A+ confidence from a PRO and turn your message into MAGIC! 

Hi Creative Entrepreneurs!

It's me, Camille

Funnel Strategist | Conversion Copywriter | Messaging Expert 


Would you feel relief if someone took over your messaging and funnel strategy?


As a busy entrepreneur you know your business needs a strategy and copy that stands out in the noise.  And you needed it yesterday!  Are you ready for:

Together we'll zhush up your copy, nail down your communication strategy and turn everything you say into GOLD. 

It’s my mission to rid the internet of boring, lame, sleazy and confusing copy.  To find out how we can turn your message into magic, book a free introduction call with me, I'd love to hear about your project.  

  • Launch blueprints that CONNECT and get the YES
  • Vibrant lead magnets that bring crowds
  • Sales pages that convert like magic
  • Hilarious and heart-warming content
  • Story-based messaging 

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Shara B., Client

My website was confusing and boring.  Not a good combo.  Camille gave me the BEST tips and then I hired her to rewrite the copy. 

It’s fresh, bold, adds in curiosity and is results-driven


Best part?  She delivered the copy by the end of the day.  WHAT!?

Joe Pomeroy

Lead Master Coach, Ray Edwards International

The best people to work with have the skills to produce results and are enjoyable to be around.
Camille crushes both those benchmarks. It is rare to work with someone who has the speed, dedication, and proficiency that Camille shows as a Copywriter.

Emily F., Client

Camille’s work is absolutely f*cking brilliant, the launch is going better than I imagined. 
I look so much better than the competition.  Seamless and brilliant!

Work With Me

Michelle W., Client

I doubled my prices after working with Camille on my funnel and communication strategy.  I'm attracting leads like nobody's business!!

Mark G., Client

I hired Camille to write our sales page. She nailed it!  She weaved in the story, it’s witty and relatable.  She really went for the pain and struggle, the whole transformation is there.  Camille knows how to make the audience trust you through a story.  

Suzanne F., Client

Camille was instrumental in launching my new program. She has been a joy to work with. 

Hey Creative Entrepreneur,

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