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You Came to the Right Place.

Scared to click send because your copy (*gulp*) sucks? 


Get A+ confidence from a PRO and turn your message into MAGIC! 

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Attn: Online Entrepreneurs

That business question you were too scared to ask? It's finally getting answered.  You're welcome.

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I'm Camille, thanks for being here!

Entrepreneur | Communication Strategist | Conversion Copywriter | Messaging Expert | Teacher


Words matter, your message deserves to shine!  Saying what you need to say can be easier than ever with me in your corner.


As a busy entrepreneur you know your business needs a messaging strategy.  If you’re ready for

  • story-based messaging

  • established brand identity

  • hilarious and heart-warming content

  • clear, captivating copy that CONVERTS  

let's get to work!

Together we'll zhush up your copy, nail down your communication strategy and turn everything you say into GOLD. 

It’s my mission to rid the internet of boring, lame, sleazy and confusing copy. 

I'll promise to be constructive AND kind (I spent the first half of my career as a high school + university teacher) but I WILL push you to be your best, because that's what we do. 🍎

I'm the biggest fan of values-based marketing, we ALL should be! 


And tacos, big fan.  

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Work With Me

My website was confusing and boring.  Not a good combo.  Camille gave me the BEST tips and then I hired her to rewrite the copy.  It’s fresh, bold, adds in curiosity and is results-driven.  Best part? 
She delivered the copy by the end of the day.  WHAT!?

Shara B., Client

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